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Carpet Dry Cleaning

Our amazing process allows you to walk on your carpets as soon as we are done. Plus, they will smell fresh and be completely dry in less than 2 hours! Want to see some of our work?


Why Is Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning A Bad Idea in Florida

The HWE process dumps a ton of water on your carpet in an already humid climate. How much water? Well, there are about 100 gallons of water in a typical hot tub – and many steam carpet cleaning processes use at least that much water. No wonder it takes 12-24 hours for the carpeting to dry and is not exactly a good solution for the environment either.

It’s also not uncommon with hot water extraction carpet cleaning for a stain to reappear due to what is referred to in the business as wick back or wicking effect. Wicking is when the trapped soil is brought back up to the surface due to excess moisture or slow drying.

In Florida, you have both with excess humidity in the air.

The Doll Bros Difference: Low-moisture Carpet Cleaning Versus Cheap Steams

Most people looking for carpet cleaners expect a big, loud machine, tons of water, and wet floors for hours and hours. It’s what the industry has led customers to believe is the norm for carpet cleaning service. They’ll grab a coupon off of a discount site, call up the company, agree to a price, and then expect that’s all they’ll be charged.

Reputable carpet cleaning professionals are not going to clean all of your carpets for the same price it costs to rent a steam cleaner at the grocery store.

If a company quotes you something similar, you can bet you’re going to come away with no less than 2-3 upcharges, probably more. That type of business can’t stay in business without those gimmicks. They quote low to get in your home and then add on fees to make up their money! They have to. They’re hiring subcontractors.

With Doll Bros, your professional carpet cleaner is an employee, not subcontracted labor. We know who’s in your house. The cheap steam companies may have just contracted with someone they barely know to get through a busy time.

Plus, these cheap steam companies often don’t carry liability or worker’s comp for their team. If they destroy or damage something in your home, they’re not paying for it. And if they get injured, you might be footing the bill.

That will increase the cost of your carpet cleaning astronomically!

With Doll Bros, there are no hidden fees or upsells. Our employees work for us and we carry liability and workers comp insurance.

Click here— This is super important for you to understand!

Plus, with us your carpet will always be:

  • Cleaned
  • Sanitized
  • Deodorized
  • Scotch-Guard Protected

This type of quality will never be the cheapest price out there but that’s because we’re looking to create a satisfied customer experience, not just do as many carpets as we can.

Our name is on the business. We’re not going to skimp. Every one of these 9 steps is necessary for a clean carpet. If a carpet cleaner tries to sell you on anything less, they’re just trying to do as many as possible in the quickest amount of time.

We’re in the referral business. Our biggest compliment is our customer telling a friend or their neighbor about us.

Here’s some before & after pics of our work.

Carpet Cleaning before after

At Doll Bros, We Undergo Continuous Education to Stay Up-to-Date on Best Practices

Cleaning products and soil removal techniques constantly change and you can be assured that Doll Bros is at the forefront of this. We attend seminars and training classes that are specific to the four cleaning services that we offer. At the annual conference and trade shows, we can gain information from other prominent cleaning companies to ensure we’re always applying the best techniques available.

A Family-operated Carpet Cleaning Service

At Doll Brothers, we’re more than just a business. We are a family serving families. That means something to us and we hope it means something to you as well.

Doll Bros. aboutMy parents, Dick and Shirley Doll instilled business values, solid practices, honor, and integrity in me at an early age. Our customers are important to us because they ultimately determine our success.
Principles like these are the foundation upon which Janice and I raised our own children, Aaron and Sarah.

Kathleen, Aaron’s wife, was raised with the same dedication to serving others. We’re happy to have them all involved in Doll Bros.

I can proudly speak for Doll Bros and the Doll family because our mission statement is simple: Our customers must be the winners in our relationship. These are the values we’ve been focused on for 3 generations!

To learn more about the Doll family values, please view our staff page and get to know us better!

We Clean 1,000+ Homes in Central Pinellas County Every Year

With Doll Bros, you have peace of mind. Not only do you get cleaner carpet, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with our services— anything less is a failure to us. We perform two inspections after all cleanings, to ensure you’re more than pleased. We give all customers a follow-up phone call and even send a letter to your house so you can rate our service.

If for any reason, you have a concern, we make it our #1 priority to return to your home at no additional charge to make it right. I suspect that’s just one reason why we’re the most reviewed cleaning company in Pinellas County and have received over 600 reviews.

We wouldn’t want to be treated any differently, and that’s why we’re absolutely the best in the customer service business!

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If you will allow us the honor to showcase our dry carpet cleaning abilities you’ll be 100% satisfied. WE PROMISE!

Doll Bros: Angie’s List Super Service Award Winners for Carpet Cleaning for 6 consecutive years. These awards can’t be bought or won, they can only be earned by being reviewed and rated by Angie’s members.

The Doll Bros Signature 9-Step Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1: Pre-treat spots and stains
Step 2: Apply cleaning solution and sanitizer
Step 3: Clean the carpet and dig out the dirt and debris
Step 4: Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 –

This is what separates Doll Bros from over 95% of other cleaning companies. Because we use low moisture, it allows us incredible flexibility to attack the problem areas in the carpeting. This is a huge advantage to getting the absolute best results for our customers!

Step 5: Broom baseboards to remove dust
Step 6: Vacuum the carpet
Step 7: Apply Scotch-Guard Protector and Deodorizer
Step 8: Rake and groom the carpet pile
Step 9: Provide our Customers a free bottle of carpet spot cleaner to keep their carpets at their best between cleanings

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