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What Is Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning and Why Is It a Good Idea in Florida?

The Doll Bros’ Signature 9-step Process was designed to resolve and eliminate all of the problems with the hot water extraction (HWE) process. Our low-moisture carpet cleaning:

  • Uses minimal water (Less than 2 gallons). Some carpet cleaners dump an entire hot tub full of water on your carpet. They’re hoping that they can extract it back out and when it dries (12-24 hours from now) that the dirt and stains are gone.
  • Won’t leave your rug smelling like a wet dog that rolled in the grass until it dries.
  • Doesn’t fall prey to the wick effect. We use such a small amount of cleaning moisture so we know the results right away. This allows us to use an array of other spotters for removal.

Our carpet dry cleaning process has delighted thousands of customers throughout Pinellas County. These savvy customers return year-after-year and refer us to their friends and neighbors at an incredibly high rate.

Our 9-step process delivers on every element of what you deserve without any add-on’s to drive up the price!

The Doll Bros Signature 9-Step Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1: Pre-treat spots and stains
Step 2: Apply cleaning solution and sanitizer
Step 3: Clean the carpet and dig out the dirt and debris
Step 4: Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 –

This is what separates Doll Bros from over 95% of other cleaning companies. Because we use low moisture, it allows us incredible flexibility to attack the problem areas in the carpeting. This is a huge advantage to getting the absolute best results for our customers!

Step 5: Broom baseboards to remove dust
Step 6: Vacuum the carpet
Step 7: Apply Scotch-Guard Protector and Deodorizer
Step 8: Rake and groom the carpet pile
Step 9: Provide our Customers a free bottle of carpet spot cleaner to keep their carpets at their best between cleanings

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