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Most homeowners don’t realize the need for cleaning upholstery unless they see a stain. But let’s go over the numbers.

The average American watches four hours of TV every day while sitting in the favorite chair. Multiply that 4 hours x 365 days in a year, and then double that.

That’s 2,920 hours in your favorite chair over a 2-year time frame.

Yep, that fabric has absorbed a lot of life in those 2,920 hours. Time to clean!

Not only is our favorite chair the everyday chair when all in life is good, but it’s also our favorite chair when we are ill. This is the chair that we hunker down in when we have the flu or a cold or are recuperating from a medical problem.   The coughing and sneezing, germs and bacteria particles that leave our mouths also get absorbed into the fabric, and, in some cases, it prolongs our illness.

Everyone benefits from cleaning the favorite everyday chair! It’s like shaking off years of gooey dander, odors, germs, bacteria and dead skin and that’s even before we start the conversation about soil removal.

 Furniture Cleaning


Select the Best Upholstery Cleaners in Pinellas County: all the extras one low price

Doll Bros has cleaned hundreds upon hundreds of recliners just like yours, and every single time our customers tell us the same thing:

I can’t believe what you pulled out of that recliner. That stuff is really gross!

In our 50+ years in business we have never heard, “Oh, I don’t see any difference. ”

Nope, not one time!

Our furniture cleaning service is the same as all Doll Bros’ Signature Service— all-inclusive, with all the extras, for one low price!

Doll Bros “all-inclusive service” gives you the best upholstery cleaning and all of the extras that protect your furniture investment without the add-on fees.

No other local furniture cleaning company can say that. Here are more before & after furniture cleaning pics.

Furniture Cleaning

How Often Do I Need a Furniture Cleaning Service?

Many people think furniture cleaning is just for a tough stain but as we’ve mentioned above, your favorite pieces are soaking up a lot of unseen nastiness.

We suggest the following upholstery cleaning schedule:

  • Your everyday chair every 2 years.
  • The rest of your furniture every 4 years.


Think about it.

How many times have you dusted, vacuumed, wiped down, and cleaned your home during a 2-year period?

Is all that dirt caught in the vacuum? Where does the dust go when you dust?

Even unused or “formal” furniture pieces are affected by gravity and proximity. Everything airborne, from cooking odors to germs, dust to what’s floating through the air when someone coughs or sneezes, gets absorbed into the fabric.

Besides the gross factor, what does this mean for your furniture?

The most overlooked factor is color… the fabric becomes dull over time. Most people don’t even notice until we clean it. After a thorough upholstery cleaning, our customers are in awe of the renewed beauty and brightness of their fabrics.

In every one of these pictures, the customers didn’t really think the piece was that dirty… Until they saw what you are seeing!

Restore the beauty. Get the look of new furniture with the comfort of your old pieces.

Why Choose Doll Bros for Your Upholstery Cleaning Needs?

In addition to our signature five-step process for clean sanitized, and protected furniture, we believe in providing top quality service and value.
We are Super Service Award Winners for Angie’s List for Furniture Cleaning Service for six years in a row.  These awards can’t be won or bought, they can only be earned through ratings by Angie’s members.
Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce.
Doll Bros are also proud members of the Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce.
Cleaning your furniture is an affordable way to keep it at its best for the longest duration possible.

It’s a small service that you will appreciate in a big, big way!

Call Doll Bros today at 727-596-2249. Janice will provide you with an accurate quote over the phone.

STEP 1: Pre-treat spots and stains
STEP 2: Apply the cleaning solution and sanitizer
STEP 3: Hand scrub the cleaner and sanitizer into the fabric
STEP 4: Use the extraction machine to remove all of the dirt
STEP 5: Apply Scotch-guard protector and deodorizer

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