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Expert Furniture Cleaning Service

At Doll Bros, we clean approximately 1000 homes a year. Most of these homes contain a favorite chair.

You probably have one too.

You know the one… that you could (and maybe sometimes do) spend hours in every day.

Guess what? It’s time for a deep clean.

The fabric on your favorite chair absorbs everything just like a sponge. This includes:

  • body dander
  • skin flakes
  • body odor
  • body oils
  • sweat
  • air born odors
  • germs/bacteria

We have cleaned 1000’s of pieces of furniture and our customers can’t believe what we extract from their furniture.

The Doll Bros Systematic 5-step Furniture Cleaning Service

Our 5-step process sets us apart from other furniture cleaning services as it’s all-inclusive. Our price includes all of these steps with no upcharges (even for hand scrubbing!).

Our signature cleaning process includes:

STEP 1:   Pre-treat spots and stains
STEP 2:   Apply the cleaning solution and sanitizer
STEP 3:   Hand scrub the cleaner and sanitizer into the fabric
STEP 4:   Use the extraction machine to remove all of the dirt
STEP 5:   Apply Scotch-guard protector and deodorizer

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