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If You Own Leather Furniture, You Need to Know This

Regardless of whether you hire Doll Bros or not for your leather furniture cleaning, you must remember this one thing…

The life (and beauty) of your leather is “all about the skin.”

Every 3 years, your leather furniture should be cleaned whether it looks dirty or not. The skin gets thirsty. It needs the conditioner/revitalizer to stay supple.

Cleaning Leather Preserves the Skin

Remember the old saying, beauty is only skin deep?

That phrase really does describe leather upholstered furniture. Because all that visual beauty is only as good as the strength and vitality of the skin. When you buy leather furniture you’ve purchased skin that has been treated and for the sake of time and debate, let’s just say it was “painted.” It’s the paint on the skin that gives it the beauty and its color. If anything happens to the paint, it will affect the beauty.

This picture shows damaged skin with damaged paint. In other words, a damaged piece of furniture!

Leather Cleaning

You can’t reverse this damage when the leather gets to this point. Yes, it is ruined. The skin dried and cracked. And the paint cracked… and the rest is history.

Skin Checklist for You:

Wondering if it’s time for leather cleaning? It is if one of the following is true:

  1. You can feel the dryness of the leather with your hands. Leather, just like the skin on your arms, gets dry without lotion and with exposure. When you’re out in the sun and wind all day, and your skin becomes dry, you put lotion on it. Leather skin is the same way. You can see the difference when we put the conditioner on your leather upholstery.
  2. You can see deep or overlapping folds. The skin is doing a natural thing; it’s stretching. It needs a conditioner to help it retain its shape!
  3. Your leather furniture pieces are over 3 years old. Regardless of what you see or feel, get the skin conditioned! The beauty and life of the piece are dependent on the condition of the skin. Imagine not putting lotion on your own skin for 3 years— can you imagine the extreme dryness?

Leather Cleaning

DIY Cleaning Leather Furniture

Doll Bros carpet dry cleaning cleans over 1,000 homes every year, so we get the opportunity to ask people how they care for their leather upholstered furniture.

I can’t tell you how many hundreds upon hundreds of leather pieces of furniture are neglected. Most people just wipe furniture down with something that is handy, so that they can “spiff it up.”

Hey, I thought the same thing with our first leather pieces.

Most people simply don’t know how to properly take care of it. Most of us didn’t grow up using leather (for daily use), and were unaware of basic maintenance.

Weekly maintenance is a piece of cake— just don’t use any types of cleaners that act as a “skin-drying agent.” The purpose of a weekly spiffing is to remove the (foreign) body oil so that it doesn’t penetrate the painted skin.

stop Leather CleaningIf you’re cleaning your own leather you should NOT use:

  • Windex or glass cleaner
  • Armor All or other car polish
  • Furniture polish
  • Vinegar mixtures
  • Ammonia mixtures
  • or any other abrasive cleaners that contain any form of alcohol.

 Clean Your Leather This Way Instead:

Clean your leather weekly using this easy spiffing method before it gets a heavy build-up. This method does not negate the need for periodic cleaning and conditioning.

  1. Lightly mist water on a clean cloth (not directly on the leather).
  2. In a circular motion, wipe down the leather, and immediately follow that by wiping it up with a dry cloth. You don’t want the water to dry into the skin.

…And, that’s it! That’s all there is to a weekly spiffing.

For a deeper cleaning or if your leather upholstery is 3 years old or older, it’s time to clean, moisturize and apply a protective cream. The cost is relatively small to ensure the life, beauty and full enjoyment of your beautiful furniture!

Don’t Forget Your Car Leather

Leather Cleaning autoFlorida heat and humidity, as well as normal wear-and-tear, can be very hard on your leather car seats. Doll Bros can perform our unique 4-step leather cleaning process to the leather in your vehicles too.

While many of our customers with leather interior agree to get it cleaned, most didn’t think their car interior “looked that bad, until we stopped in the middle and showed them the difference.

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Step #1: Vacuum your Furniture to remove hair, sand and all particles of debris.

Step #2: Clean the Leather and remove body oil, dirt, and debris.

Step #3: Apply Conditioner Revitalizer. This is the most critical step in the life of the skin. “The skin is everything!” In Step #3 we are putting the fat back into the skin to make it soft and supple. If the skin gets dry it cracks, then the paint cracks, if the paint cracks…. you are buying a new piece of furniture as you will have one ugly and ruined piece of leather furniture!

Step #4: Apply Protective Cream. This repels water, sweat, and body oils.

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