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Use Professional Leather Furniture Cleaning to Keep Your Leather Looking Its Best

Ever notice how hard Florida is on leather? Leather often cracks, peals, and sticks due to the humidity and hot temps. While the rate at which this happens varies partly based on the quality of the leather you’ve purchased, upkeep is essential to prolonging the life of your leather. Professional leather furniture cleaning by Doll Bros can help you keep your leather looking its best for years.

Doll Bros Signature 4-step Leather Furniture Cleaning Process

Here’s what you can expect when we come in to clean your leather furniture.

Step #1: Vacuum your Furniture to remove hair, sand and all particles of debris.

Step #2: Clean the Leather and remove body oil, dirt, and debris.

Step #3: Apply Conditioner Revitalizer. This is the most critical step in the life of the skin. “The skin is everything!” In Step #3 we are putting the fat back into the skin to make it soft and supple. If the skin gets dry it cracks, then the paint cracks, if the paint cracks…. you are buying a new piece of furniture as you will have one ugly and ruined piece of leather furniture!

Step #4: Apply Protective Cream. This repels water, sweat, and body oils.

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