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Tile and Grout Cleaning by Doll Bros

When Doll Bros added tile and grout cleaning service in 2005, we knew there was a need because we’re homeowners too. In just two short years after installation of our own tile, we couldn’t believe how in need our floors were. That’s when we decided to launch the service. We know you’ll be as happy with the results as we were in our own home.

Take a look below, then… Here are even more tile & grout pictures
These pictures are typical of the kind of cleaning results we get. The easy part of our tile and grout cleaning service is cleaning the tile. A good Swiffer can help with that but…

Cleaning grout is a much bigger job. Few homeowners understand the grit and grime that gets trapped in between those tiles until they witness the end result. Here are a few so you can see for yourself.

Maybe you’re moving into a new house and don’t even know what the original color of grout was. You may be assuming it’s dark, only to find after Doll Bros tile and grout cleaning that it’s much lighter.

How Do I Know if I Need Grout Cleaning?

Most tile floors— or the “squares” that we see in people’s homes— are ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is typically kilned and glazed anywhere from 1200-1800 degrees. What that means to us, is that the surface of the tile is just about impenetrable to dirt.

That means what you see is largely surface dirt and that comes up easily. Cleaning the grout is the harder part but also where homeowner’s see the real difference. Clean grout can improve an entire room.

What Is Grout? How Do You Know If Grout Needs to be Cleaned?

Grout has a lot of similar characteristics of concrete, so we, for the sake of simplicity, call it concrete.

Typically, while we’re cleaning the carpets, customers will usually ask us about tile and grout cleaning. The best way to determine if the tile and grout need to be cleaned is to find a piece of clean tile and grout on their floor. The easiest place to find clean grout is near a baseboard.

Why start with grout by the baseboards?

Because it’s not a high traffic area, and it’s typically going to be as close to the original install as possible (with fewer stains, traffic dirt, and other daily wear).
Do the following test on your own. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

Find a beautiful, clean piece of grout by the baseboards, and then just follow that line until you get into the middle of the room…. And BINGO! You can now see the amazing difference between clean and dirty.

Even incredibly clean homes often have dirty grout. It’s just not something you think about and it’s really hard to clean on your own.

DIY Grout Line Cleaning

The biggest challenge to doing the grout line cleaning yourself is not in the backbreaking toil of scrubbing. It’s how to effectively sop up all of the muddy water that you dig out of the grout line.

That’s why this task is best left up to the professionals.

When Doll Bros. performs our tile and grout cleaning process, we dig out the grout lines so effectively, there’s a soupy muddy floor. Then we come in with a high-powered extraction machine and other appropriate tools and remove the mud.

We clean hundreds of tile floors each year, especially in the areas of Gulf Beach cities like Indian Rocks Beach, Redington Shores, Treasure Island, Madeira Beach, and St. Pete Beach. We clean a lot of tourist properties and they can take a beating with foot traffic, sand, spills, and more. We’ve seen a lot and have experience with all sorts of floor and furniture cleaning needs.

Let’s Clean that Dirty Grout Line & Bring Out the Brilliance in Your Flooring!

Just One Benefit of Selecting Doll Bros: Free Grout Sealant

As with all of our services, our tile and grout cleaning service is one price for the entire job. We don’t quote you a number and then upcharge you to seal our work. The price we give you is what you’ll pay.

Grout sealant is the best way to ensure your grout stays as clean as possible for as long as possible. Here’s how it works:

Once the tile is cleaned, and the grime is removed from the grout line, we seal each individual grout line with a grout sealant applicator.

The grout sealant applicator looks like an upside-down baseball bat, but with it we can get the sealant right into the grout line. It’s a tedious job, but it’s the most efficient way to get this product into the grout.

Most tile cleaning companies in beach cities, like Indian Rocks Beach and Redington Shores, charge an additional price for grout sealer once the cleaning is complete.

Not with Doll Brothers!

We never charge additional fees for what should be part of basic service.

Grout can be very porous. Without a sealant, anything you spill will be immediately absorbed by the grout. A sealant gives you the opportunity to clean up a spill without staining. That’s it! Drop an egg on the tile floor— and you have that moment to clean it before the grout absorbs it. Without a sealant, it’s seeping into the grout before you can even get your clean-up materials.

That’s why we think grout sealant is important enough to include in our price as a standard service.

Most people think sealant is a “cure-all,” and that the grout won’t get dirty again. …While we wish that was the case, it’s not. But it will help you maintain your beautiful tile look longer. 

The Proper Way for You to Maintain Your Tile Floor

We understand no one enjoys spending money on tile and grout cleaning, that’s why we want to give our customers the knowledge they need to keep the look as long as possible. A lot of that comes down to:

  •  How did the grout get so dirty in the first place?
  •  Is it possible that the way you are cleaning your tile floor is the root cause of the problem?

In most cases, and after asking these questions to hundreds of our customers, the answer is often improper tile cleaning. But it’s not their fault. They simply didn’t know.

Doll Bros is here to change that. Once we complete your tile and grout cleaning, we explain how you should clean your floors in the future.

Tips for Tile Maintenance

Vacuum: Most of the day-to-day dirt is sitting on top of those tile squares but you don’t want to push the dirt that is on top of the tile into the grout lines when you clean.

A broom and dustpan would be no good because you would have to do every tile square. And you don’t want to sweep the dust into the grout line.

Vacuuming, however, works very well— but you need the right type of vacuum. Get a lightweight cordless vacuum, and keep it handy. You want something easy and convenient to use or you may not use it as much as you should.

Moisture:   Applying water is the cardinal sin of tile floor cleaning. Surprised? Most people use way too much water, and they wash the dirt from the tile surface into the grout line— creating wet and dirty grout all in one application. Don’t do this!


Purchase a Steam Mop and an additional 4 pack of reusable/washable mop heads at the same time.

We personally like the Shark brand ($55) but the brand you choose is up to you. A steam mop is a perfect tool to clean your tile floors because it uses very little moisture and does a great job in your weekly cleaning.

Once you have the proper tools, lets put together an easy 2-step technique for you to maintain your tile floors.

  1. Vacuum first
  2. Steam mop – change mop heads as soon as it gets dirty to a clean one

Vacuum, and then steam mop. That’s the secret to great looking tile floors.

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Allow us the honor to showcase our tile & grout cleaning service. You’ll be 100% Satisfied. WE PROMISE!

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Step 1: Prepare & pre-treat grout lines
Step 2: Apply cleaners to the tile surface and grout lines
Step 3: Scrub grout lines & dislodge the dirt and germs
Step 4: Remove and flush the mud out with an enclosed pressure washer
Step 5: Apply grout sealant to the grout lines
Step 6: Steam mop for a final brilliant finish

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